The German Junior Golf Ranking(GJGR) ranks all junior golfers in germany on the basis of their average performance in counting events on a rolling cycle over the previous 52 weeks. The calculation of the GJGR ranking is an independent Ranking system in accordance with the rules established by R&A, details of which can be found in the FAQ section of this Website.

!!! NEW !!! We adjusted the rating for multi-day events played after 01.01.2019. !!! NEW !!!

We adjusted the rating for 9 holes events played after 01.01.2017.

Now even more precise - maximum of counting tournaments fixed. For boys, the maximum of 11 best scores are ranked. For girls, a maximum of 8 best scores are ranked. (counting strokeplay results of the last 52 weeks)

GJGR includes more then 10000 junior players. The ranking is based on more then 1600 events.
GJGR will be updated daily.
GJGR ranks german junior golfers on a rolling cycle over the previous 52 weeks.
GJGR points are only assigned for stroke plays. The points are comprised of:
  • event strength
  • course difficulty
  • rank
  • played stroke average
  • played round scores
  • course length
  • player field
  • cut
Any withdrawals, disqualifications, etc. will count as an event with 0 points once a player begins a tournament.
GJGR counts only stroke plays which meet the conditions see next question.
GJGR counts only stroke plays with at least 6 players in boys category or at least 4 players in girls category (except age class < 10) and stroke plays played at junior club champinships with at least 3 players in boys category or at least 3 players in girls category. Counting events must be played under the R&A Rules of Golf.
The events are divided into 5 categories based on:
  • age class
  • rounds
  • course length
  • players strenght
  • number of starters
  • course difficulty
Players which would like included have to send a mail with
  • last name
  • first name
  • year of birth
  • golfclub
GJGR will answer quickly. Just drop a mail with your question.

Ranking Update
30.03.2020 00:17:01

Biggest Movers

Ferdinand Fritsch + 8
Noah Pflaum + 7
Christian Falkenhausen von + 7
Eve Brocks + 3
Lisa Yunjia lai Song + 3
Fabienne van Kleef + 3

Rounds under Par

Thomas Georg Schmidt 12
Norwin Gohm 7
Morris Schiefner 7
Chiara Horder 6
Lisa Marie Schumacher 6
Helen Briem 5

Lowest Rounds

Maximilian Wojciechowski - 7
Emil Albers - 5
Tim Bertenbreiter - 5
Paula Schulz-Han├čen - 9
Malu Brinker - 6
Chiara Horder - 6